Firms in emerging markets lose millions of dollars each year from theft, extortion, and the destruction of property at the hands of organized, malicious actors. By finding patterns dispersed across thousands of incidents, Atlas forecasts where these groups are likely to attack next, which in turn allows clients to more efficiently allocate resources and defend their assets.


Atlas works by collecting data from user input, open digital sources, the dark web, and our international human networks.


The platform highlights patterns within and across datasets and compiles threat profiles of organized malicious groups within an area. This allows ex-military intelligence analysts to identify relevant trends dispersed across millions of data points.


Curated intelligence is pushed to operators and clients in real time, allowing them to predict and preempt attacks by visualizing threat probabilities in space-time units.

The inspiration...

While deployed in Iraq, Verstaan co-founder Joshua faced a series of life-threatening scenarios that arose due to a lack of intelligence. On one occasion, his vehicle was the last to drive through a checkpoint before an improvised explosive device detonated, instantly killing everyone in his convoy’s rear vehicle. Josh later discovered that while administrators knew that the checkpoint was in a high-risk area, this critical information was never disseminated to private operators in the region. Later in his tour, government intelligence agencies failed to inform Joshua’s private security team of a Soviet-era minefield. Joshua and his team crossed it three times before discovering the danger.

The goal of Atlas is to overcome these barriers to private security in order to keep operators safe and operations running efficiently.

Predict and understand complex threats before they emerge.

Atlas allows operators in the field to visualize relevant threats occuring around them, as well as areas of higher risk forecasted by our analysts. They can input reports of incidents or other relevant threats, such as a mine field, to alert other operators in the area regardless of the company they are working for. This allows everyone in an area to benefit from one another's experiences and keep each other safe by sharing useful data inter-company in realtime.

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