The Atlas Platform

Atlas integrates direct user input and up-to-date intel to create the optimal platform for security teams across a global network.

A Global Security Network

Atlas optimizes threat management for global security teams by streamlining workflow between administrators and employees, integrating open- and professionally-sourced threat data into a single centralized platform, and using data science to provide proactive routing and threat intelligence.

Our Mission

We believe that people have the right to safety, and that they are entitled to navigate the world with peace of mind. The Atlas platform is built on the foundation of these values.

The Verstaan team — composed of researchers and ex-military operators — believes that the combination of software and real-world, human experience is essential in making our vision a reality. We’ve designed Atlas as a truly modern, global network, made constantly available to everyone in the working world. Powered by the collective knowledge of those facing danger, our platform ensures that everyone has the chance to come home.

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